Vegan Milks

Packaging Design

Meliko plant drinks group shot

The mandate:
Get a new brand noticed with eye-catching packaging.

This student project required the invention of a line of products, complete with a container to hold them together. Enter Meliko, a vegan drink company built on creamy non-dairy milks and delicious flavour pairings. The brand was meant to attract a young adult consumer base beyond only vegan and lactose-free shoppers. It was intended to be marketed as a healthy and natural pick-me-up. As it was filling a void in the drink market, it needed attractive packaging that would be noticed and that encouraged consumers to give the product a try.

Meliko drink carrierWoman holding a Meliko bottle

The process:
Staying away from expectations.

While non-dairy products are enjoying an ever-growing popularity, their packaging remains very conservative. Grocery stores chains carry more and more varieties of plant milk, but these tend to adopt the stereotypical "green" labels and a similar photographic style. Seemingly not to overwhelm the consumer, these brands evolved as hardly distinguishable from one another.

The objective while working on this project was to lean into the rise of vegan products, and not to shy away from a younger image. When it comes to on-the-go drinks, consumers are much more influenced by packaging than for the purchase of products that end up being stored. With this in mind, a successful result was achieved with the use of colour coordination and illustration.

Picnic with Meliko drinksPecan caramel Meliko drink

The solution:
Friendly & Fun.

With its light pastel backdrops and cheery accent colours, the final result is a line adaptable to any new flavour. The circle that contains the logo is enlarged on the label for a consistent look that is the opposite of rigid. The circular shapes and illustrative style lends it an organic look that is appropriate for a health-oriented product. Also, the packaging is airy enough to accommodate a bilingual label that still has room to breathe.

Meliko animation

The benefits:
A lively image for a healthy drink.

Fun and delicate colours and dainty line art make this product packaging different from that of other drinks available on the market. The brand had to match its trendy, unusual flavour pairings, and its new look will not be forgotten on the shelves.