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Logotype Design

Upraised stationery

The mandate:
Breathe life into a green roof company.

The objective of this student project was to create a logo and stationery set for a green roof architecture company. Thus came Upraised, a fictional Montreal-based company founded in 2006. They seek to introduce more greenery in urban settings, and their goal is to popularize living roofs – roofs that are partially covered in vegetation – in city centres. Their client base is, for the most part, corporate.

The mandate was to modernize the identity of the company, making it look both trustworthy and cutting-edge. The new logo had to be equally stylish and professional. It had to speak to the skill and the competence of the company, while making it attractive to corporate clients.

In this scenario, Upraised wants to be at the forefront of green roof technologies, and is seeking a new identity that would solidify their importance in the market. They want their logo to be reflective of the eco-friendly aspect of their company, while attesting to their legitimacy and professionalism.


A logo.
Brand new stationery.
3 potential applications.

Upraised animation

The process:
Be inspired by nature, differently.

The first step was understanding.

The idea of green roof structures was reflected upon, and it became clear that nowadays, green roofs become more than their ecological value: they are places where people want to be, like public squares and restaurants. Ideally, they would not simply be placed on top of a building for environmental convenience. They would be accessible: locations where people would enjoy their time; take a meeting, lunch, or break; take a picture. The new logo had to reflect this openness and invitation. It had to maintain a professional side for the sake of the corporate audience, and be welcoming enough for the users of those structures.

Then, it was time to get inspired.

The inspiration that drove the project forward was first the greenery of Upraised roofs, as well as the towering skyscrapers of Montreal. There was also a departure from the straightforward associations with vegetation. Thoughts shifted towards the birds that fly above the buildings, the wildlife that goes hand in hand with green spaces.

Upraised mugUpraised tote bag

The solution:
Modern, but welcoming.

Green roofs serve two distinctive purposes: an environmental one and an aesthetic one. The resulting visual also has a double purpose: it resembles a long-legged bird, as well as a leaf on a branch. These two interpretations blend seamlessly into the symbol, whose organic outlines reflect the living and growing character of green roofs.

The new logo has an illustrative component accompanied by a typographic one. The typography and the visual can be used as one, but also separated at will: the identity still makes sense and remains balanced. Doing so even confers to the logo this openness that was initially pursued.

The benefits:
Sustainability + refreshing aesthetics.

Upraised is a company that is involved in the green roof business for both its ecological benefits and refreshing aesthetics, and this new logo mirrors the energy of the brand. The identity achieved is appealing to the target audience, and piques the interest of new potential corporate clients. Upraised gets a fresh and versatile logo that looks as good on a business card as it does on a green roof construction.

Credits: Graphicburger